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Humans are naturally curious creatures.

Our long quest for ingenuity and innovation has led us to reach amazing potentials and unimaginable heights. For instance, 3 decades ago, smartphones had yet to exist but now, they are adopted globally in our daily lives, along with the Internet and modern computers. Hence, I had always wondered how far our curiosity can take us and what direction is the technological evolution leading us.

It is evident that the growth of technology is speeding up exponentially.

With the rate of how technology progresses, it seems that unbelievable feats are more achievable than we think…

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed or bored, one of the things I automatically do is open YouTube. Sometimes, I do not need to specifically search for what I want to watch or to listen to because of how well the YouTube algorithm works for me. With the YouTube algorithm, YouTube is able to recommend videos that are inclined to my interests.

One can maybe deduce from the picture above, which is my YouTube homepage, that I am an avid fan of gaming channels like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and MrBeast Gaming. Recently, popular gaming channels tend to play Among Us so you…

As an aspiring data scientist, I have to work with data and understand data. In order to do so, it is necessary that I have a good grasp of statistical tools and methods. Here, I listed some of the reasons why statistics is important in data science.

1. Data can be misleading.

With statistics, I would be able to evaluate whether my findings are meaningful and to quantify how far they may be from the truth.

2. Data can be very large.

Statistics can help me summarize the data into something meaningful and more comprehensible for the data consumer.

3. Data can vary.

With statistics, I would be able to understand the variation of data…

Read on how I turn my insurance data into a meaningful story that a data science fresher can understand. The article is divided into 2 parts: (1) analysis by describing data and (2) analysis by visualizing data.

Note that the programming language used is Python and the libraries imported are numpy, pandas, matplotlib.pyplot, seaborn and warning.

Analysis by describing data

What are the features available in the data set? What are the dimensions of the data set?

The data set contains 1338 rows and 7 columns with the following headers: age, sex, bmi, children, smoker, region and charges. Note that children refers to the…

Last week, I was able to create my own trivia game using Python [See: How I developed my own trivia game in Python]. This time, I added 2 special features in my code to make my game more adaptable. The features I added allow me to:

  1. Implement CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) action to the questions and answers that will be used in the quiz game
  2. Display a certain number of players that last played the game


CRUD Action Implementation

Here is a summary of how I implemented my CRUD feature. Please refer to the image above.

  • Pink box: This buffers and prints…

If you are confused on whether to launch a notebook or a desktop IDE for your Python project, here are some differences I discovered as a data science fresher.

It has only been a few days since my rusty Python skills were put to test by the Rock, Paper, Scissors game I made using Python. If you haven’t read my story about it, check it out and then try to develop your own! To continue solidifying my Python fundamentals, I decided to develop a super easy game of trivia. The game mechanics is pretty straightforward. The player just has to correctly answer the questions I inputted in my code but don’t worry! As I already said before, the questions are super easy! The hardest (and the most fun) part…

Before my data science training, I always felt that Command Prompt or CMD is a tool exclusive to experts. I did not dare to touch it because I might accidentally break my computer. But as I started to write simple commands, I realized that it is not actually scary to use. All I got was an error message whenever I entered an invalid command. Of course, I had to be wary of permanently deleting important files with the rm command but still, being aware of this command is definitely a good progress.

In this blog, I will show you a…

It has been a while since I performed numerical computation with Python. My rusty Python skills needed a bit of practice so I decided to create a straightforward game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with it but unlike the conventional way of playing the game, my opponent is not a human. Instead, my opponent is a computer that randomly chooses its hand sign.

Let us code!

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) I used is Spyder, which is short for “Scientific PYthon Develpoment EnviRonment”. After I launched the Spyder IDE from the Anaconda platform, I created a new file. …

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